Svartnas Wind Power Park


TriAx geogrids enabled unpaved access roads and working platforms for a Swedish wind farm to be built over weak silty moraine deposits with a CBR of 1.5%, accelerating construction, reducing costs and delivering carbon savings for the project. 


  • 35% reduction in access road and working platform thickness
  • 55km of forest roads rehabilitated quickly and economically
  • Reduced construction time and cost sustainability
Client's Challenge

Construction of the Svartnäs Wind Power Park included rehabilitating 55km of unpaved forest access roads and constructing working platforms to enable the 32 wind turbines to be erected and to provide permanent access for maintenance vehicles. The wind farm was built on weak silty moraine deposits and the roads and platforms needed to provide sufficient bearing capacity to support lorries bringing materials and turbine sections to site.

Tensar Solution

The design of the access roads and working platforms employed Tensar’s TriAx geogrid incorporated into aggregate to create mechanically stabilised layers. This enabled the roads and platforms to be 35% thinner than without the use of TriAx, while meeting loading requirements, minimising the aggregate, as well as reducing construction time and costs.