Bermondsey Dive Under

London, UK

Tensar designed working platforms incorporating TriAx were key to the success of foundation works alongside a railway viaduct in south east London. 


  • £40,000 estimated saving based on reduced excavation and material costs
  • 20 days cut from the construction programme 
  • 400mm reduction in working platform thickness
  • Network Rail-compliant alternative design
Client's Challenge

Main contractor Skanska required a temporary working platform to support piling equipment capable of passing Network Rail’s rigorous approvals process and enabling construction of foundations for a major new rail junction in Bermondsey. 

Tensar Solution

The working platform comprised layers of site-won granular fill, mechanically stabilised with TriAx® geogrids. The efficient load spread design, validated by Tensar’s 35 years’ experience and extensive full-scale performance testing, shortened the piling platform construction programme, reduced costs and lowered the project’s carbon footprint, compared with conventional working platforms.