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日期Feb 09 2022

Following the discovery of a product infringing its TriAx® geogrid patent on a project in Xiamen - China, Tensar filed a patent infringement lawsuit against the Guangzhou Kangkai Building Materials Co., Ltd (“Kangkai”). In December 2021, the Supreme People's Court of P.R.C. instructed that Kangkai should immediately cease the unauthorised sale of products infringing Tensar’s TriAx geogrid patent and compensate Tensar (China) 3.5 million yuan (~USD 550,000) for the damage caused. This is the 16th intellectual property case won by Tensar in China and also represents a record amount awarded in patent infringement damages.

Over the past 40 years, Tensar has become known as a world-leader in the field of polymeric geogrid products. The company has invested millions of dollars into the research and development of its geogrid products and their applications, and collaborates extensively with top universities and Research Institutes around the world. In order to protect their reputation and product quality, Tensar takes legal action against anyone infringing Tensar’s intellectual property rights, in any country where the situation arises.

Tensar International is a world-leading manufacturer and provider of subgrade stabilisation and soil reinforcement solutions, designed to overcome common ground engineering problems in construction and civil engineering. Tensar’s innovative and high-performance geogrid and geotextile products offer alternative approaches to traditional methods and have benefitted thousands of roads, railways and other infrastructure projects around the world over many years.